Journal of Oral Science Vol. 53, No. 2, June, 2011

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     Elastography: the next step
          Debdutta Das, Monika Gupta, Harkamal Kaur and Aman Kalucha . . . 137(PDF 1182 KB)

      The history and importance of aeronautic dentistry
           Balwant Rai and Jasdeep Kaur . . . 143
(PDF 34 KB)

      Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor
          Masatake Asano and Kazuo Komiyama . . . 147
(PDF 289 KB)


     Effectiveness of tenoxicam and ibuprofen for pain prevention following
      endodontic therapy in comparison to placebo: a randomized double-blind
      clinical trial
         Hakan Arslan, Huseyin S. Topcuoglu and Halit Aladag . . . 157
(PDF 383 KB)

      Effect of experimental xylitol and fluoride-containing dentifrices
      on enamel erosion with or without abrasion in vitro
         Isabela D. Rochel, Jonas G. Souza, Thiago C. Silva, Agnes F. F. Pereira,
         Daniela Rios, Marilia A. R. Buzalaf and Ana Carolina Magalhaes . . . 163(PDF 114 KB)

      CD47 regulates the TGF-ƒĀ signaling pathway in osteoblasts
      and is distributed in Meckelfs cartilage
           Koichi Shimada, Akira Nakajima, Kyoko Ikeda, Kazuya Ishibashi,
           Noriyoshi Shimizu and Koichi Ito . . . 169(PDF 6386 KB)

      Major differences in oral health knowledge and behavior in a group of Iranian pre-university
      students:a cross-sectional study
          Hossain Neamatollahi, Masoumeh Ebrahimi, Maryam Talebi,
          Mana H. Ardabili and Keiwan Kondori . . . 177 (PDF 514 KB)

      Feasibility of including APF gel application in a school oral health  promotion program as a caries-preventive
       agent: a community intervention trial
          Neha Agrawal and Krishnappa Pushpanjali . . . 185(PDF 705 KB)

      Association of interleukin-1 polymorphisms with periodontitis  in Down syndrome
          Ahmed Khocht, Kevin Heaney, Malvin Janal and Bobby Turner . . . 193(PDF 254KB)

      Oral manifestations of HIV infection and their correlation with CD4 count
           Ashish S. Bodhade, Sindhu M. Ganvir and Vinay K. Hazarey . . . 203(PDF 4906 KB)

      Immunohistochemical detection of p53 and PCNA in ameloblastoma  and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor
          Jahanshah Salehinejad, Reza Zare-Mahmoodabadi, Shadi Saghafi, Amir-Hossien Jafarian,
          Narges Ghazi, Ali-Reza Rajaei
          and Parviz Marouzi . . . 213(PDF 2342 KB)

      Effect of canal taper and plugger size on warm gutta-percha obturation of lateral depressions
           Wu Zhang, Hisashi Suguro, Yoshimi Kobayashi, Tamotsu Tsurumachi
           and Bunnai Ogiso . . . 219(PDF 1287 KB)

      Use of aminoguanidine, a selective inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitor,  to evaluate the role of
       nitric oxide in periapical inflammation
          Ali R. Farhad, Seyedmohammad Razavi, Sanaz Jahadi and Masoud Saatchi . . . 225(PDF 820 KB)

       Prevalence and distribution of selected developmental dental anomalies  in an Indian population
           Saurabh K. Gupta, Payal Saxena, Sandhya Jain and Deshraj Jain . . . 231(PDF378 KB)

Case Report

       Malignant melanoma of the oral cavity showing satellitism
           Parvathi Devi, Thimmarasa Bhovi, Ravi R. Jayaram, Cherry Walia and Sharad Singh . . . 239(PDF3885 KB)

      Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma in the mandible: report of a case  with cytological findings
         Adonai P. Cheim Jr, Thiago L. Queiroz, Whewel M. Alencar, Rodrigo M. Rezende
        and Eneida F. Vencio . . . 245(PDF 2066 KB)

     Submandibular ectopic thyroid tissue diagnosed by ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy
         Myrsini G. Gkeli, Sergios Apergis, Eirini Klapsinou, Nikolaos Galiatsatos,
         Despina Proestou and Dimitra Daskalopoulou . . . 249(PDF 8790KB)

      Situs inversus in a patient with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome: a histogenetic relationship?
         Monika Gupta, Debdutta Das, Amit Mittal, Harkamal Kaur
         and Aayush Malhotra . . . 253(PDF 5209 KB)

       The usefulness of three-dimensional imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of clinically ambiguous gingival swelling
            Hiroaki Kabashima, Kunitaka Mizobe, Hiroyoshi Nakamuta, Hiroaki Fujiwara, Kazutoshi Okamura,
            Masako Unemori, Akifumi Akamine, Kazunori Yoshiura and Katsumasa Maeda . . . 257 (PDF 3072KB)

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