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  Journal of Oral ScienceC Vol. 57, No. 3, September 2015

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 An update on myasthenia gravis, challenging disease for the dental profession
 Alessandro Tamburrini, Federico Tacconi, Alberta Barlattani, and Tommaso C. Mineo . . .161(PDF 970KB)


 Translational approach utilizing COX-2, p53, and MDM2 expressions in malignant transformation of
 oral submucous fibrosis
 Pratik N. Patel, Aatish Thennavan, Subhalakshmi Sen, Chetana Chandrashekar,
 and Raghu Radhakrishnan . . .169(PDF 4437KB)

 Micro-computed tomographic analysis of progression of artificial enamel lesions in primary
 and permanent teeth after resin infiltration
 Betul Memis Ozgul, Kaan Orhan, and Firdevs Tulga Oz . . .177(PDF 1465KB)

 The effect of blood contamination on dislocation resistance of different endodontic reparative materials
 Yakup Ustun, Huseyin S. Topcuoglu, Firdevs Akpek, and Tugrul Aslan . . .185(PDF 916KB)

 Prevalence of dental trauma and mouthguard awareness among weekend warrior soccer players
 Erhan Dursun, Yagmur D. Ilarslan, Ozkan Ozgul, and Gurhan Donmez . . .191(PDF 748KB)

 Hounsfield unit comparison of grafted versus non-grafted extraction sockets
 Tyman P. Loveless, Yeliz Kilinc, Mehmet A. Altay, Andres Flores-Hidalgo, Dale A. Baur,
 and Faisal A. Quereshy . . .195(PDF 962KB)

 Periodontal and glycemic effects of nonsurgical periodontal therapy in patients
 with type 2 diabetes stratified by baseline HbA1c
 Palka K. Kaur, Satish C. Narula, Rajesh Rajput, Rajinder K. Sharma, and Shikha Tewari . . .201(PDF 870KB)

 Inhibitory effect of gels loaded with a low concentration of antibiotics against biofilm formation
 by Enterococcus faecalis and Porphyromonas gingivalis
 Amnah A. Algarni, Ghaeth H. Yassen, and Richard L. Gregory . . .213(PDF 1253KB)

 Suture materials affect peri-implant bone healing and implant osseointegration
 Oscar Villa, Staale P. Lyngstadaas, Marta Monjo, Maria Satue, Hans J. Ronold,
 Christiane Petzold, and Johan C. Wohlfahrt . . .219(PDF 1773KB)

 UVA-activated riboflavin improves the strength of human dentin
 Xiaoqiang Liu, Jianfeng Zhou, Li Chen, Yang Yang, and Jianguo Tan . . .229(PDF 1465KB)

 Assessment of quality and interpretation of panoramic radiographs obtained in the Lao People's
 Democratic Republic as part of a teleradiology collaboration with Japan
 Kunihito Matsumoto, Souksavanh Vongsa, Ichiro Nakajima, Ken-ichiro Ejima, Kiyomi Kohinata,
 Toshihiro Suzuki, Shigeharu Hosono, Hirofumi Aboshi, Fumiyuki Kuwata,
 and Kichibee Otsuka . . .235(PDF 947KB)

 A randomized clinical trial of salivary substitute as an adjunct to scaling and root planing
 for management of periodontal inflammation in mouth breathing patients
 Anu Bhatia, Rajinder K. Sharma, Shikha Tewari, and Satish C. Narula . . .241(PDF 935KB)

 Compliance with supportive periodontal therapy among patients with aggressive
 and chronic periodontitis
 Neeraj Agrawal, Richa Jain, Manish Jain, Kavita Agarwal, and Aashutosh Dubey . . .249(PDF 773KB)

 Fracture strength of ceramic monolithic crown systems of different thickness
 Niklas Nordahl, Per Vult von Steyern, and Christel Larsson . . .255(PDF 1175KB)

 Perceptions regarding the occurrence and prevention of orofacial injuries during general anesthesia
 Fellipe N. A. Azeredo, Diogo W. C. Maia, Luciana Pomarico, Livia A. Antunes,
 and Leonardo S. Antunes . . .263(PDF 771KB)

  Case Report

 Dental technician pneumoconiosis mimicking lung cancer
 Meral Uyar, Oral Sokucu, Maruf Sanli, Ayten Filiz, Mehmet Ali Ikidag, Ahmet Feridun Isik,
 and Kemal Bakir . . .269(PDF 996KB)

 Eight-year follow-up of autogenous tooth transplantation involving multidisciplinary treatment
 George T. M. Candeiro, Emmanuel A. Alencar-Junior, Henrique C. Scarparo,
 Joao H. C. Furtado-Junior, Giulio Gavini, and Celso L. Caldeira . . .273(PDF 1395KB)

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