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Journal of Oral ScienceC Vol. 55, No. 4, December 2013

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Current strategy for successful periradicular surgery
Tamotsu Tsurumachi. . . 267(PDF 10754KB)


Synergistic antibacterial activity of chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide against Enterococcus faecalis
Seyedmohsen Hasheminia, Ali R. Farhad, Masoud Saatchi, and Morteza Rajabzadeh. . . 275(PDF 786KB)

Genetic variations in MMP9 and MMP13 contribute to tooth agenesis in a Brazilian population
Leonardo S. Antunes, Erika C. Kuchler, Patricia N. Tannure, Juliana B. L. Dias, Vanessa N. Ribeiro, Andrea Lips,
Marcelo C. Costa, Livia A. Antunes, and Jose M. Granjeiro. . . 281(PDF 703KB)

Bacterial analysis of combined periodontal-endodontic lesions by polymerase chain reactiondenaturing gradient
gel electrophoresis
Minghui Xia and Qingguo Qi. . . 287(PDF 909KB)

Expression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase in oral epithelial dysplasia
and oral squamous cell carcinoma
Yuji Miyazaki, Masahiro Fujinami, Harumi Inoue, Kentaro Kikuchi, Fumio Ide, and Kaoru Kusama. . . 293(PDF 1651KB)

Effect of SI-R20401 to remineralize artificial incipient enamel lesions in primary teeth
Yumiko Hosoya, Katsumi Tadokoro, Takashi Inoue, Masashi Miyazaki, and Franklin R. Tay. . . 301(PDF 932KB)

Meteorological influences on the incidence of lichen planus in a north Indian population
Ravi Prakash S. Mohan, Soumi Ghanta, Sankalp Verma, Neha Agarwal, Nupur Gupta,
and Udita Singh. . . 311(PDF 975KB)

Expression of the IGF-1, IGFBP-3 and IGF-1 receptors in dental pulp stem cells
and impacted third molars
Gabriel Magnucki, Ulf Schenk, Stefan Ahrens, Alexander Navarrete Santos, Christian R. Gernhardt,
Hans-Gunter Schaller, and Cuong Hoang-Vu. . . 319(PDF 3194KB)

Prevalence and risk factors for dental erosion among 11- to 14-year-old school children in South India
Sandeep Kumar, Shashidhar Acharya, Prashant Mishra, Nitai Debnath, and Ramprasad Vasthare. . . 329(PDF 764KB)

Linear reciprocal interaction between dental caries and salivary characteristics
Naser Asl Aminabadi, Ebrahim Najafpour, Zahra Razavi Rohani, Alireza Sighari Deljavan, Morteza Ghojazadeh,
and Zahra Jamali. . . 337(PDF 891KB)

Bone regeneration with systemic administration of lactoferrin in non-critical-sized rat
calvarial bone defects
Tomohiro Yoshimaki, Shuichi Sato, Katsuyoshi Tsunori, Hiromichi Shino, Shinya Iguchi, Yoshinori Arai,
Koichi Ito, and Bunnai Ogiso. . . 343(PDF 2588KB)

Chewing ability and associated factors in a Sudanese population
Nadia Khalifa, Patrick F. Allen, Neamat H. Abu-bakr, and Manar E. Abdel-Rahman. . . 349(PDF 857KB)

  Case Report

Aggressive periodontitis in a young Pakistani female with laryngo-onycho-cutaneous syndrome
Georgios E. Romanos, Jorgen Slots, and Fawad Javed. . . 359(PDF 1216KB)

The usefulness of an autologous blood clot combined with gelatin for regeneration of periodontal tissue
Hiroaki Kabashima, Takako Sakai, Kunitaka Mizobe, Hiroyoshi Nakamuta, Kenichi Kurita,
and Yoshihiro Terada. . . 363(PDF 1269KB)

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