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 Journal of Oral ScienceC Vol. 56, No. 4, December 2014

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  Dental trauma and mouthguard awareness and use among contact and noncontact athletes
  in central India
   Vidhatri Tiwari, Vrinda Saxena, Utkarsh Tiwari, Aishwarya Singh, Manish Jain,
   and Siddana Goud . . . 239(PDF 829KB)

  Effects of two combinations of triple antibiotic paste used in endodontic regeneration
  on root microhardness and chemical structure of radicular dentine
   Blake T. Prather, Ygal Ehrlich, Kenneth Spolnik, Jeffrey A. Platt, and Ghaeth H. Yassen . . .245(PDF 2197KB)

  MicroRNA expression in inflamed and noninflamed gingival tissues from Japanese patients
   Yorimasa Ogata, Sari Matsui, Ayako Kato, Liming Zhou, Yohei Nakayama, and Hideki Takai . . .253(PDF 1508KB)

  Proinflammatory cytokines induce amelotin transcription in human gingival fibroblasts
   Yohei Nakayama, Hideki Takai, Sari Matsui, Hiroyoshi Matsumura, Liming Zhou,
   Ayako Kato, Bernhard Ganss, and Yorimasa Ogata . . .261(PDF 2629KB)

  Comparison of cyclic fatigue and torsional resistance in reciprocating single-file systems
  and continuous rotary instrumentation systems
   Matheus F. da Frota, Camila G. Espir, Fabio L. C. V. Berbert, Andre A. F. Marques, Emilio C. Sponchiado-Junior,
   Mario Tanomaru-Filho, Lucas F. R. Garcia, and Idomeo Bonetti-Filho . . .269(PDF 1245KB)

  Efficacy of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for root canals infected with Enterococcus faecalis
   Ricardo A. S. Arneiro, Ryan D. Nakano, Livia A. A. Antunes, Gustavo B. Ferreira,
   Karla B. F. C. Fontes, and Leonardo S. Antunes . . .277(PDF 835KB)

  Influence of powder composition and morphology on penetration of gray and white ProRoot
  mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium hydroxide into dentin tubules
   Takashi Komabayashi, Leann Long, Chul Ahn, Robert Spears, Qiang Zhu,
   and Robert C. Eberhart . . .287(PDF 2120KB)

  A comprehensive review of the literature and data analysis on hypo-hyperdontia
   Sreekanth K. Mallineni, Sivakumar Nuvvula, Alex C. H. Cheung, and Radhika Kunduru . . .295(PDF 836KB)

 Case Report

  Sequential imaging of an impacted mandibular second premolar migrated from angle to condyle
   Acacio Fuziy, Andre L. F. Costa, Claudio M. Pastori, Claudio F. de Freitas,
   Fernando C. Torres, and Luciana L. V. Pedrao . . .303(PDF 1209KB)

  Conservative treatment and follow-up of type III dens invaginatus using cone beam computed tomography
   Kadir T. Ceyhanli, Davut Celik, Subutay H. Altintas, Tamer Tasdemir, and Omer S. Sezgin . . .307(PDF 1118KB)

  Repair of apical root resorption associated with periodontitis using a new intracanal medicament protocol
   Daniel R. Herrera, Carlos M. Herrera, Augusto R. Lima, Juliana Y. Nagata, Andrea C. Pereira, Emmanuel J. Silva,
   Adriana J. Soares, and Brenda P. Gomes . . .311(PDF 2328KB)

  The non-surgical management of a patient with Kostmann syndrome-associated periodontitis: a case report
   Stephanie Gonzalez and Alon Frydman . . .315(PDF 1496KB)



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