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  Journal of Oral ScienceC Vol. 57, No. 2, June 2015

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 Effects of initial periodontal therapy on interleukin-1beta level in gingival crevicular fluid
 and clinical periodontal parameters
 Hyun Oh, Jiro Hirano, Hideki Takai, and Yorimasa Ogata . . .67(PDF 733KB)

 Frequency of root resorption following trauma to permanent teeth
 Adriana J. Soares, Gustavo A. Souza, Andrea C. Pereira, Julio Vargas-Neto,
 Alexandre A. Zaia, and Emmanuel J. N. L. Silva . . .73(PDF 893KB)

 Comparative study of radiopacity of resin-based and glass ionomer-based bulk-fill restoratives
 using digital radiography
 Bilal Yasa, Ebru Kucukyilmaz, Elif Yasa, and Elif T. Ertas . . .79(PDF 1366KB)

 Impact of the severity of chronic periodontal disease on quality of life
 Dayse R. D. Z. Meusel, Juliana C. Ramacciato, Rogerio H. L. Motta,
 Rui B. Brito Junior, and Flavia M. Florio . . .87(PDF 798KB)

 Maxillary sinus perforation by orthodontic anchor screws
 Mitsuru Motoyoshi, Rina Sanuki-Suzuki, Yasuki Uchida, Akari Saiki,
 and Noriyoshi Shimizu . . .95(PDF 936KB)

 Three-year clinical evaluation of posterior composite restorations placed
 with a single-step self-etch adhesive
 Hiroyasu Kurokawa, Toshiki Takamizawa, Akitomo Rikuta, Keishi Tsubota,
 and Masashi Miyazaki . . .101(PDF 1510KB)

 Evaluation of hearing deficit in patients with oral submucous fibrosis
 Parvathi Devi, Ipsa Singh, Ravindra Setru, Kuber Tyagi, Dharamveer Singh,
 and Bellona Thiyam . . .109(PDF 992KB)

 GLUT-1 immunoexpression in oral epithelial dysplasia, oral squamous cell carcinoma,
 and verrucous carcinoma
 Vidya C. Angadi and Punnya V. Angadi . . .115(PDF 2673KB)

 Dental caries experience among indigenous children and adolescents
 Erica M. Goncalves, Laysa C. Cavalcanti, Ramon T. Firmino, Gustavo L. Ribeiro,
 Ana F. Granville-Garcia, and Valdenice A. Menezes . . .123(PDF 769KB)

 Effects of parathyroid hormone dosage and schedule on bone regeneration
 Katsuyoshi Tsunori . . .131(PDF 1845KB)

 Effects of critical thermal cycling on the flexural strength of resin composites
 Anna L. Morresi, Maurizio D'Amario, Annalisa Monaco, Carlo Rengo, Felice R. Grassi,
 and Mario Capogreco . . .137(PDF 995KB)

 Comparative evaluation of pro-inflammatory cytokine levels in pulpotomized primary molars
 Yasemin Ozdemir, Necil Kutukculer, Asli Topaloglu-Ak, Timur Kose, and Cemal Eronat . . .145(PDF 1402KB)

 Evaluation of genial tubercle anatomy using cone beam computed tomography
 Mehmet E. Kolsuz, Kaan Orhan, Burak Bilecenoglu, Bayram U. Sakul,
 and Adnan Ozturk . . .151(PDF 952KB)

  Case Report

 Developmental disturbance of a mandibular central incisor following trauma
 to the primary predecessor
 Tamotsu Tsurumachi, Yoriyuki Hirano, Akiko Hira, Yasuyo Aida, and Bunnai Ogiso . . .157(PDF 1963KB)

  Instructions to Contributors (PDF654KB)


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