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 Journal of Oral ScienceC Vol. 57, No. 1, March 2015

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 Effectiveness of full- and partial-mouth disinfection on halitosis in periodontal patients
   Leo G. Soares, Lisiane Castagna, Sergio C. Weyne, Denise G. Silva,
   Marcio E. V. Falabella, and Eduardo M. B. Tinoco . . .1(PDF 994KB)

 Effects of bovine lactoferrin in surgically created bone defects on bone regeneration around implants
   Ulas Gormez, Mehmet Kurkcu, Mehmet E. Benlidayi, Kezban Ulubayram, Yasar Sertdemir,
   and Kenan Daglioglu . . .7(PDF 1541KB)

 Effect of sodium sulfite, carboxylic monomer, and phosphoric acid etching on bonding
 of tri-n-butylborane initiated resin to human enamel
   Hiroshi Nogawa, Hiroyasu Koizumi, Nobutaka Akazawa, Haruto Hiraba,
   Mitsuo Nakamura, and Hideo Matsumura . . .17(PDF 4265KB)

 Effect of a novel fluorapatite-forming calcium phosphate cement with calcium silicate on osteoblasts
 in comparison with mineral trioxide aggregate
   Yusuke Suzuki, Makoto Hayashi, Natsuko Tanabe, Takuya Yasukawa, Yoriyuki Hirano, Shozo Takagi,
   Laurence C. Chow, Naoto Suzuki, and Bunnai Ogiso . . .25(PDF 4497KB)

 Associations of interleukin (IL)-1beta, IL-1 receptor antagonist, and IL-10 with dental caries
   Dilsah Cogulu, Huseyin Onay, Yasemin Ozdemir, Gulcin I. Aslan, Ferda Ozkinay,
   Necil Kutukculer, and Cemal Eronat . . .31(PDF 827KB)

 Prevalence and risk factors for non-carious cervical lesions
 in children attending special needs schools in India
 Sandeep Kumar, Arunoday Kumar, Nitai Debnath, Amit Kumar, Bhumika K. Badiyani,
 Debashish Basak, Mohamed S. A. Ali, and Mohammed B. Ismail . . .37(PDF 761KB)

 CD105 expression in oral capillary hemangiomas and cavernous hemangiomas
   Naoyuki Matsumoto, Motomi Tsuchiya, Shouta Nomoto, Yasuyoshi Matsue, Yohichi Nishikawa,
   Tsuyoshi Takamura, Hidero Oki, and Kazuo Komiyama . . .45(PDF 2356KB)

 Short Communication

 Feasibility study of a salivary occult blood test to correlate with periodontal measures
 as indicators of periodontal inflammation in a population of pregnant women
   Susan G. Reed, Michael C. Manz, Shannon M. Snipe, Mitsuhiro Ohshima,
   and Carol L. Wagner . . .55(PDF 818KB)

 Case Report

 Diagnosis, PET/CT imaging, and treatment of extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphoma
 in keratinized gingiva: a case report
   Cuneyt A. Aral, Osman S. Aglarci, Hasan H. Yilmaz, Funda Tasli, Serap Karaarslan,
   Filiz Hatipoglu, and Mustafa S. Sanal . . .59(PDF 1756KB)

 Angioleiomyoma of the cheek: a case report
   Hitoshi Osano, Yuri Ioka, Rumi Okamoto, Yuichiro Nakai, Hirosaka Hayashi,
   Yoshiyuki Tsuchiya, and Shigeki Yamada . . .63(PDF 1760KB)

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